Affordable Transport with Cool Van

Affordable Transport for 24/7 Call Centre Agents

Many businesses in Malta have their own 24/7 call centres. In industries like iGaming, Taxi Service and Telecommunications, especially, the call centre is the staple of daily business.

However, running your own in-house call centre is no easy feat. It is truly a human resources challenge. From staff turnover and training to balancing the 24/7 shifts without disgruntling employees can be really hard. Also finding benefits to retain employees can be a challenge. Call centres hire a myriad of people from all walks of life and ages. So, finding benefits that are attractive to such a large spectrum of people is no easy feat.

Cool has just come up with a new incentive that will suit every employee. After a long shift, getting home when the buses aren’t running can be a long journey. Even if they own a car, driving home at night when you’re tired and a little sleepy should ideally be avoided.

The location of the business can also be an issue, even for employees that don’t finish in the early hours of the morning. Your business might be in a location that is not safe after a certain hour of the evening. This means employees cannot be expected to wait at bus stops for an extended period of time.

In the evenings, public transport is a lot less frequent and less reliable, meaning the wait can get longer and longer. This is why offering an alternative means of transport shows responsibility on the part of the employer.

Cool is offering a cheaper alternative to make work-financed transport more viable. We help you offer employees an alternative with our special plans to get your 24/7 agents back home safely.

The packages are negotiable, so we highly recommend giving us a call. You can get the fully paid or subsidised option, where the price varies based on the number of employees and how frequently they need the service. The more people you get on board, the better your pricing.

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