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Airport Shuttle Malta: What Are Your Options?

After booking your flight and accommodation to Malta, you probably thought, “Hey, now I need my airport shuttle booked, too”. Many people like to explore their options before they actually land.

Here are 4 popular questions people ask before booking their airport transfers in Malta.

1. Is there Uber in Malta? Unfortunately, the answer to this is no. There are, however, many similar services. The closest one to an Uber is Cool. You can download the app from here and book your transfer using the app.

Just like Uber, you can book your trip once you land. This is one of the fastest on-demand services on the island, so make sure you’ve picked up your suitcases and you’re ready to go when you book the car.

Your Cool ride will arrive very quickly and will always show you the time it will take to arrive just like the Uber app would. The only difference is that you can choose either a shared (booking seats) or private (booking it for yourself only) type of ride.

2. How long is an airport transfer to Bugibba, St. Julians or Valletta? Malta is a tiny island. The distances are very small. If you’re travelling by taxi from the airport, you’re likely to take under an hour to get to Bugibba and around 30 minutes to Valletta or St. Julians. Although the distances are short, the traffic will slow you down a little.

3. Are taxis in Malta expensive? Generally speaking, a taxi airport shuttle will set you back around €20 to €35 depending on how close your destination is to the airport. You can purchase your ticket from the travel booth inside the arrivals hall and then present it to your driver. This takes time and there may be waiting time and a queue.

However, there is this cool alternative – Cool Ride-Pooling – and prices for shared rides are approximately 40% cheaper while private rides are also slightly cheaper than all other taxis in Malta. You will be able to see the price before booking the ride and once confirmed, the price will not change.

4. What’s the cheapest airport transfer available? Your cheapest option is Cool. Download the Cool app, book your transfer a few minutes before pick up and off you go. This is a ride-pooling service, so you will be sharing your ride with other passengers travelling to the same direction. Prices start from as little as €3.95 depending on distance where you are travelling to. If you prefer to ride solo and do not want to share your ride, you can still opt-in for a private ride from as little as €3.95 + €0.85/km. You can also opt to buy a prepaid pass to last your whole vacation! The Weekly Pass gives you a 33% discount on all your rides during a whole week, making travelling with Cool even cheaper. Read More about Cool Passess here. All available passes can be found directly on the app.

Want to know more? Read More here or just Download the app and test it out; this way, you can easily use your Cool app when you arrive.