Easy Airport Transfer Malta

Easy Airport Transfer Malta

When it comes to airport transport in Malta, there are a lot of options. When you land, you will find a myriad of booths and parked cars waiting for a rider to jump on. Unfortunately, these are never the affordable or faster option, so making plans before getting on your flight is advisable.

A pre-booked taxi ride for your airport transfer in Malta will cost you between €16 and €25 for a typical ride from Luqa Airport to St. Julians. You can catch a bus for a fraction of that; however, it is not recommended because bus schedules are not reliable in Malta and there is no room to store luggage.

If what you’re looking for is a reliable taxi service to get to the airport, we highly recommend getting set-up with the Cool App. Cool is Malta’s answer to congestion and traffic problems. It’s a private service that allows you to book your trip through an app and pay a flat fee.

No meters, no flexible charges. You always know what you’re going to pay. Cool operates a large number of cars and vans in Malta. It is a car-pooling taxi service that allows you to book a shared taxi with others. This is what makes it so affordable.

You can also pay easily once your payment is set-up, so it’s ideal to set it up from home before you set out on your trip to Malta.

It’s fairly easy. Just download the Cool Ride-Pooling app (here) and set up your profile, including your credit card details, before leaving your home country.

Just open your Cool app and book your ride-pooled taxi anytime, anywhere in Malta. You’ll pay the lowest taxi ride price guaranteed and get a really quick pick-up service to boot.

Want to know more? Download the Cool Ride-Pooling App here!