Cool Ride-Pooling  is now available in Malta

How to Call a Cab in Malta.

Calling a cab in Malta is a little different to what you would expect in other European countries. You cannot hail a taxi in the street, which limits how you can get hold of a ride when you need one quick or unexpectedly.

Many taxi companies locally need to be booked by telephone, email or through their website. Some through their app. Many services are very simi-lar, but one certainly stands out.

Cool is a new ride-pooling company in Malta that provides shared rides. This makes rides much more affordable and also easier to jump on. The drivers are always on the road, and you don’t have to wait for a driver to fin-ish their journey to come and pick you up. Their technology powered by ViaVan takes care of organising all the rides and getting to you fast - under 5 minutes.

ViaVan technology is installed on the app and on the cars. When a user books a car from the App (get it here) the algorithm works out the closest car and the shortest route based on dis-tance and traffic en-route. This happens in just a few seconds. You can im-mediately choose the ride you want to catch and be on your way in just a few minutes.

Just Download the app and make sure you have your payment system up and running. You can connect to many payment options so getting set-up should be a breeze.

So to answer a simple question… What’s the best way to call a cab in Malta? The best way is to use Cool taxi sharing App. You can find a taxi which is already in your area for under 5 Euros in under 5 minutes.

Sounds too good to be true? First ride is on us. Download the App here.