How You Can Car-Pool by Taxi Too

Business Incentives for Chauffeur Car Rental

Many businesses opt for a chauffeur-driven car rental service because the traffic and parking situation in Malta has become quite extreme. The idea of sitting in the car for 30 to 45 minutes every morning to get to work or a meeting is enough for someone to refuse a job simply based on where you are located.

The great news is a service like Cool for businesses can help you offer incentives to turn your company from the “I’d never work for them because of the horrible commute” to “Wow; they’ll pick me up every morning!” With Cool, all your employees can benefit. We can create custom packages to help you bring your employees to work with a calm, hassle-free journey, from a pick-up spot near their home.

The whole package can help your company save a lot of money - throw in the time you save on top of that and it’s saving you a fortune. When using our services, employees are not only more punctual but also more productive during their morning and afternoon journeys. They are less stressed and more energetic, and therefore, become more loyal to you as their employer.

So, how can companies make Cool work for them? We offer a range of discounts and benefits available through our business ride-sharing packages.

One of the best side-effects of using our services is less travel paperwork! Your accountant will thank you. And it’s yet another time-saving opportunity we provide. All you need to do is decide on the number of rides you require, and we will issue just one monthly invoice for your business.

You save on the per-journey price, parking expenses, private drivers and taxis.

Offering your team a stress-free daily commute could change everyone’s morning! Talk to us at Cool to change your mornings as a whole company.

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