Chauffeur Services in Malta for Businesses and Corporates

Chauffeur Services in Malta for Businesses and Corporates

Does your business use car hire or chauffeur-driven cars? If you answered yes, this article could save you a lot money.

When your company is situated in central areas like Sliema, Valletta and St. Julians, it can result in difficulty recruiting and keeping your staff. The daily frustration and personal expense to employees just to get to work, can make them leave a job they quite love.

As an employer in central areas, you may well know the expenses attached to this. Booking taxis, renting car parking space and other car/parking facility costs can add a hefty cost to your fixed expenses.

Cool, the new ride-sharing taxi company, is offering a number of unique alternatives to your costly travel solutions. The services are already pretty popular with the younger generations and it is picking up fast with people of all ages too.

Cool operates through an app that allows you to book a ride in a few seconds and get picked up in about 10 minutes.

Our Corporate packages offer volume discounts for all your employees at a fully or partially subsidised rate. You can choose how much it costs you, and your travel expenses will be reduced and be more predictable.

It can make your company much more attractive if parking is a main issue. Using Cool corporate incentives will also help you make sure your employees are more punctual and productive in the morning because they don’t turn up frustrated.

New talent looking at your employee benefits and incentives will be more inclined to apply for that job post you need to fill. Because your location will not be an issue anymore, prospective employees will see that you are aware of the problem and care enough to make their day-to-day a little bit easier.

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