Cool joins the Community Chest Fund crowdfunding campaign

As of today, donations can be made to the Community Chest Fund through the digital platform

The permanent digital platform was launched, an initiative of the Malta Government Investments (MGI) that creatively uses technology to raise funds for The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation. The theme chosen for this year’s campaign is ‘Every drop counts’.

At the launch of this initiative, President George Vella explained how the spirit of Christmas is truly shown through the solidarity that the Maltese people can show with those around them. He appealed to the nation to participate as much as possible for the initiative to be successful and to continue from year to year, “because there is no end to illnesses and to the help required by the Community Chest Fund”.

Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri explained how in light of this effort, an exercise was triggered to coordinate different initiatives by a number of entities in aid of the Community Chest Fund. He stated that technology was an important source for creating the digital platform, through which people can donate when using services provided by companies that are taking part in this initiative.

CEO of Cool Ride-Pooling Laura Jasenaite expressed the importance of raising awareness for support in the funding of oncology treatment, parental stays of children receiving treatment abroad, provision of food vouchers, and other services vital to dignified living, and to alleviate material and psychological suffering. Ms. Jasenaite highlighted the newly introduced possibility for all the company's customers and employees to donate at a click of a button through the mobile app: “Every cent counts in helping people passing through serious illnesses.”

MGI Chief Executive Herald Bonnici stated that in such times, more than ever, we must seek innovative ways to reach out to the general public to raise funds for a noble cause.

Cool riders can donate in two ways:

  1. €2 or €5 on the app ('Ride Credit' section)
  2. €10, €20, €50 or more on the special online platform

Every drop counts!

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