Cool Ride Pooling in Malta

Don't Drink And Drive - No Designated Driver.

Picture this. You’re organising a surprise party at your local and want everyone to have a blast. But there’s the usual problem to consider. Organising the student car-pool and designated drivers.

Who will have a sober evening to make sure everyone else has a lot of fun and enjoys a safe drive home?

Although many people take it in turns, it’s never fun to be the designated one. Sure it keeps the whole affair far cheaper for everyone, but it’s not fun when it’s your turn to be the taxi driver for the night.

Deciding to throw it out of the window and be flexible is not an option - the breathalyser test limit is pretty low in Malta. Also, many people overestimate their ability to drive after having a couple of drinks (ironically enough), so it’s never a good idea to drive no matter how “little” you’ve had to drink because it’s far too dangerous - never worth it.

Being designated driver is not cheap either. Taxi-ing your friends around the island at 2 in the morning will also set you back a fair bit in fuel.

For many catching a taxi is not an option for 2 reasons. Its pricey and takes too long when you’re not in Paceville, unless…

Unless you have the Cool app that can find you the closest taxi in 10 sec-onds flat. You can have a car (or van) waiting for you outside in under 5 minutes. And your friends can join too if they’re going the same way.

Its costs less than €5.00 per person and gets lower the more people you book for. So get the App today and never worry again about being the one in the sober driving seat.