Corporate Ride-Pooling Just Got Cool

As a business, you are able to support your employees with an effective method of transport, avoid the traffic and parking issues, improve your employees’ commuter experience, cut the frequency of staff arriving late to work and streamline your business’ ability to get from place to place.

We can accommodate both fully or partially covered journey costs for your staff and offer pickup from park-and-ride locations or directly from your employees’ home locations.

With our advanced route planning technology, your employees’ journeys to office or to business meetings will be quick and affordable.

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Why Choose Cool?

Free Business Portal

Manage your corporate rides with ease. Add and remove users, create travel policies, access reports, use dispatch tool to request rides for your staff or guests.

Hassle-free Payment Method

Travel paperwork can become a thing of the past with our corporate ride-pooling. Decide on the number of rides you require, and we will simply issue an invoice.

Reduce Business Travel Expenses

With our Cool ride-sharing, the cost of every individual journey will be reduced. You will save on parking expenses, private drivers and taxis. Not to mention, with less paperwork for your employees to complete, their time can be spent on more productive tasks.

Benefits For Both Your Business And Staff

Benefits For Commuters:

• Vastly reduced commuter stress, hassle and travel complications

• Significant reduction in commuting costs through reductions in parking fees, fuel and vehicle upkeep

Benefits for Businesses:

• More attractive benefit offerings for potential new talent

• Reduced employee turnover

• Increased staff productivity and sense of job satisfaction

• Reduced parking fees and facility upkeep costs

• Identifies your company as one that cares about its employees and the wider community

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