Deliveries Just Got Cool

We understand that during this time of the Covid19 pandemic, several businesses have experienced the need of delivery service or an uplift in the demand for their already in place deliveries. With customers social isolating, it is no surprise that this is happening. And even customers need things to be picked-up or delivered without leaving house.

Whether you are a frequent rider or a business, Cool has the solution for you. We can guarantee pick-up and delivery in shortest time possible!

Customers can simply book their needed deliveries as if they are booking their own ride. For the same price as the ride! Just let the driver know that it is goods that will be transported when he/she calls you. Then just sit back, relax, and follow your package route as it will be shown on your app.

Businesses will be set-up on our super-easy to use the business portal. Book your ride on the portal, and let us do the work for as little as €4.18 (excl VAT), no matter the distance. We’ll come to your store, pick up the delivery and get it the customer within 2 hours.

Why Choose Cool Deliveries?

For Customers

Book your delivery from the comfort of your living room. It's as easy as booking your own ride!

For Businesses

Through access to our dedicated business portal, you will be able to book deliveries to your customer within a couple of minutes. We will take care of the rest.

Interested In Applying For Our Delivery Service?

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