Difference between Ride-Sharing and Taxi

How Much Money Can You Save with Taxi Ride-Sharing?

Taxi rides come in many shapes and forms in Malta.

It’s hard to tell how many services are available just by looking around the streets. Taxis in Malta don’t often have any particular colouring or lights. Some do - but there is no rule, so there are likely many more than you can spot on the road.

An easy way to recognise them is through the Y number-plate but most cars look similar. There are a number of options to catch taxis using apps locally. These are apps created by the taxi companies, because there isn’t an Uber. But fear not, plenty of appropriate alternatives exist.

One of the cheapest taxi alternatives currently on offer is COOL. The service is a little different to your general taxi company; it’s technically taxi ride-sharing. It’s, in fact, more affordable because rides are shared - not between friends, but between people who book a similar trip concurrently through the app. You can save a lot of money with this kind of taxi ride-sharing service. It is one of those services that might impact your health - you might just get so addicted to the ease with which you can book an use this service and start walking a lot less.

What’s more with COOL is that you can also count on getting free taxi rides. You are rewarded for inviting your friends and family to download the COOL app and also for the number of rides you book. There are also many special offers dotted around the year. Most can be redeemed using a voucher code within the app itself.

So, get the app today to benefit from these offers with COOL ride-sharing. Download it from Your iOS App Store or Google Play Store - and don’t forget to invite family and friends!