Difference between Ride-sharing and taxi

How ride sharing works in Malta.

Flat fee ride sharing has finally arrived in Malta and it’s 40% cheaper than any other taxi service. Cool is the first company to offer shared flat fee rides, which aim to reduce daily traffic frustration and car-reliance in Malta.

In a country where congestion gets worse everyday, there are few solutions that can re-ally have an impact on our daily journeys. Ride sharing is one of them. It is unique in Malta because you do not pay based on the time or distance of your jour-ney. We have fixed point-to-point fees, so you will not be charged more if you encoun-ter a traffic jam or use the service during the busiest times of day. In fact, this is proba-bly the most convenient time to use our services.

Here’s how to ride share in Malta with Cool:

1. Download the iOS or Android app Our app is available on both the Google Play store and the Apple Store. Click here to download it

2. Use our in-app 2-minute registration system Once you download the app just click sign-up and a wizard will take you through the screens to set-up your details and preferred payment method.

3. Allow the app to track your location Next, the app will ask for your location tracking access, you will need to say ‘Yes’ and approve location access so that the app can find where you are.

4. Pin-point your pick-up point from the live map If you approved step 3, the app will know where you are, and you will see your location on the map. You can set this as your pickup location. Your actual pickup point will be up to two blocks away. So, make sure you have enough time to walk a couple of blocks be-fore you confirm your booking.

5. Pick your drop-off point from the live map Choose your desired destination by either selecting the street name or name of estab-lishment you would like to go to. Your drop-off point will be within 2 block radius of where you would like to end up – just like your pick-up. Make your selection and move to step 6.

6. Use the app navigation feature to walk to your pick-up point Once you have chosen your destination and completed the booking by paying. The app will help you navigate to the exact pick-up point. Make sure you’re there a couple of minutes early, because our cars only have a 90 second waiting time. We keep waiting time to a minimum in order to not keep your fellow riders waiting.

7. Enjoy a relaxing journey. Once you’re in the car, just sit back, relax and stay Cool.

Get your App today! Start ride-sharign right away!