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The New Cool Passes with Rides Starting from as Little as €2.00

Cool just got cooler. Why? Because now you can get even cheaper rides. How? Through Cool Passes.

Cool is rewarding your loyalty by creating packages specifically designed for people like you who want to keep using Cool regularly.

The new Cool passes for frequent users will help you save a lot of money. You can currently buy 3 types of passes: weekly, commuter or monthly. All the passes give you spe-cial reduced pricing on your Cool rides but have different durations and terms.

The Weekly Smart Saver Cool Pass saves you a whopping 33% on all your rides. You can start off by trying our simple one-off prepaid package.

It’s simple to start using the new week passes. You can use the Cool App to buy the Smart Saver Pass anytime. Get 33% off unlimited rides for a whole week - for just €10 for shared rides and for €20 - for private rides.

Your week of discounts starts when you book your first ride after buying the Saver Pass, not on the date of purchase. The discount on your rides applies to anywhere in Malta for the main passenger, including travelling to the airport.

The monthly passes come in two flavours:

  • Commuter Pass
  • Monthly Pass

The Commuter Monthly Pass gives you the freedom to book two rides a day for 5 days a week. It is specifically tailored for people who use Cool to get to and from work. That’s a minimum of 40 rides per month for only €169.

The Monthly Pass gives you the freedom to travel within the operating area up to 4 times daily, all week for only €239. This means that the rides can be as cheap as €2. Cool, right?

Both the Commuter and Monthly Pass, like the Smart Saver, are activated when the first ride is taken and remains valid for a full 30 days. Additional riders still benefit from travelling at €2.50 each no matter the distance.

Cool Passes

To purchase the pass, simply go onto the app under Cool Pass, and select which pass best fits your need(s). It’s that simple, and you can start riding right away!

When purchasing the new pass, you also have the option to auto-renew the pass sub-scription, so you never forget to get your rides at the lowest possible price!

Go to your App now to purchase a Cool Pass!