Ridesharing vs Taxi Ride: What's the Difference in Malta?

Flat fee ride-pooling service has finally arrived in Malta! It’s around 40% cheaper than similar taxi services and growing fast already. Cool is the first company to offer shared flat fee rides, which will help reduce daily traffic frustration and dependency on owned cars.

Rides operated by Cool make use of the latest technology to allow multiple passengers to jump on the same ride. Our drivers are always on the road, so jumping on the nearest trip is quick and easy. Rates are fixed so journey duration will not turn into a big ‘ouch’ for your wallet.

Our innovative technology is installed in all our cars to enable our drivers to use the best route that accommodates all booked customers in the best possible way. When a cus-tomer books a ride, the software automatically re-routes the way for the driver on his GPS system. The algorithm gives the driver the shortest route whilst accommodating the pickup and drop off points of all the people that book a shared ride.

You can always rest assured that the driver is taking the fastest and shortest route, because the technology also takes traffic jams into consideration when choosing the best road to take.

Some may say it’s similar to Uber, however Cool makes your ride much more affordable than similar services… so affordable in fact, that some are already using it as a solution for their daily commute or to get to and from meetings. It’s ideal because jumping onto a shared ride allows you to:

  1. Stay calm even when the traffic is at its worst
  2. Be productive on your way to work
  3. Get to that meeting without losing your hard-earned Sliema parking space
  4. Get back home after an evening out on the town
  5. Get a ride home when you go a bit overboard with the shopping

And much more..

The best thing about Cool is probably the fixed price: currently at €4.95 for any end to end trip in the central – inner harbour area in Malta, currently known as the Yellow Zone. Sliema - Central Malta you can see all the towns we service here).


You can easily book your trip using our app. If you have ever used any app to hail a cab, you’ll find this very similar.

Download the app now-