Cool Driver

Find a Flexible Taxi Driver Job

Cool allows drivers to be in control of how much they work and, there-fore, how much they earn. This is the perfect flexible driver job because you can learn on the job and also work part-time on top of your day job.

Cool operates 24/7 in the Sliema - Mosta - Valletta area. (See the full area that we service on our area map here.) You can work whenever you have time, without informing anyone or negotiating shifts and availability. We also pay faster; every 2 weeks.

All you need is a Y-plate, and you can start working with Cool right away. You can use your own Y-plated car as a Cool ride-sharing vehicle to make the trips booked by our clients on the app. A little like Uber, but not exactly. Our app and structure are much simpler.

We have a very quick onboarding system that allows you to start making money in just a few days. You won’t need to learn much if you already use and are familiar with smartphone navigational apps. If you don’t, we can provide you with training. We also give you daily 24/7 telephone sup-port, so no matter what happens, we’re there to help. This support ser-vices also runs for our riders, so if they have questions you cannot an-swer, just refer them to our call centre.

The Cool app is easy to download and set-up is quick and easy. We can walk you through the process and help you get started. Once you’re good to go, you will be able to jump into your car, refresh your app and get go-ing. You will start receiving bookings directly though the app once you make yourself available.