Cool Ride-Pooling is now available in Malta.

Best Way to Share a Taxi Ride in Malta.

Like most European cities, Malta is not going to let Uber take over. It offers a myri-ad of options when it comes to taxi rides. In the past, taxis were expensive for a single passenger, but you could get cheaper deals for larger groups of three or four people. Now with the advent of ride-sharing in Malta, there are even cheaper options available for a more affordable ride, which you can catch more often.

Sharing a taxi ride is a must, especially if you’re young and only used taxis to get around when buses are out of service. Wouldn’t it be great if you could share a taxi even when your friends are not around?

COOL’s new new taxi ride service allows you to do just that. Cool taxis are always on the road with passengers. So when you book one, you’re sharing a ride. This is why you get it at such a great price. €4.95 - no matter how long it takes.

If you’re in company even better. Two passengers booking from the same app, pay only €7.43 for a ride. That’s a mere €3.72 each. The app works very much like Uber. You can see all our taxis and how far they are from your location in real-time on your app. This allows you to jump in a taxi within minutes… often 5 to 10 minutes.

The technology behind taxi ride sharing is quite incredible. It collects information from all the Cool cars on the road and also draws traffic data from third party sources. When you book a car, the app informs the driver and changes all his SatNav information to accommodate your trip without disrupting other people’s. It finds the best match based on destination, traffic and fellow riders’ destinations, so those already on the ride get a smooth ride too.

Wanna try our new taxi sharing service?

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