Cool Ride-Pooling Available in Malta

Taxishare: The New Way to Save on your Taxi Ride

Ride-sharing is a relatively new topic in Malta. With more congestion and traffic bringing a larger impact on the environment and our daily lives, alter-native means of transport are a must.

Ride-sharing happens when a taxi ride is shared by more than one rider. This halves the personal carbon footprint and therefore contributes to re-ducing environmental impact. Add more passengers and the environmental impact keeps dividing itself by the number of passengers.

With this in mind, Cool has vans and hybrid cars on the road that act like taxis that are shared. They are fuelled by high-tech app transport technolo-gy provided by Via Van and make the whole principle of sharing a taxi possible.

The logistics are monitored by the app to help drivers make the trips pleas-ant for everyone. Waiting time is reduced by using pick-up points instead of looking for every individual address.

Getting more people in the same vehicle is a saving for the environment and the passengers alike. The great thing is that the price is reduced the more people you book for. You could end up paying as little as €3.30 per ride (when booking for 3) or even less if there’s more of you.

Any point-to-point trip in the areas we service are charged at a flat fee of €4.95 per trip even when you’re alone.

Taxi sharing has helped reduce the impact taxis have on busy cities. Cool taxi sharing taxis don’t sit around waiting for passengers – they’re always on the road. This means they’re always in an area near you and can pick you up in a few minutes, but it also means that they are not congesting town and city centres by parking and waiting for riders in one spot.

Many people in cities across Europe, find that using taxi sharing with other car sharing services can vastly reduce their environmental impact by re-moving the need to own a car. In a place like Malta, choosing to not buy a car benefits the wider community.